As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, the vines in our vineyard are embracing spring with a remarkable early start, filling the air with anticipation for a splendid season ahead. The first signs of this eagerly awaited transformation are the promising buds that are on the brink of breaking, foreshadowing a vibrant display of greenery that heralds the arrival of a new and...
The long-awaited moment has arrived - it's harvest time! After months of dedicated nurturing, our grapes have reached the pinnacle of maturation, and we can't help but feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. The vineyard is alive with excitement as our skilled team of grape pickers carefully select each bunch, ensuring that only the finest grapes make it into our cellar.  ...
As we reflect on the challenging start we had with abundant rainfall in the spring, we are now filled with a sense of relief and gratitude. The vineyard, once soaked by rain, is now bathed in the warm and comforting rays of sunshine every day. This abundant sunshine acts as a natural source of nourishment, allowing the delicate grape clusters to thrive and develop into exceptional...
Our 2023 growing season began with winter pruning and a bud break, now it is time for a new type of excitement: flowering and fruit set.   A grapevine is a hard-working plant and extremely self-sufficient. After bud break, the new season’s vine shoots begin to grow and form the small beginnings of what will become grape clusters. Flowering, which for us typically occurs in...
Our tasting room is also a small art gallery featuring art works of a contemporary German painter Christoph Gais who lives and works in Orvieto (Torre San Severo) and Berlin. Wine and art pairing is a new way to experience wine that goes beyond the realm of just what it tastes and smells like.  The idea behind wine and art pairing is to look at wine as it affects us emotionally....
Bottling is the last phase of the wine making process, in our winery it usually takes one busy day to get it all done! It is the last phase of wine making but it also represents the beginning of a new one that involves evolution and development of the bottled wine. We rely on an external partner for the bottling process. They reach our winery with a mobile bottling truck and,...
Falstaff, the most influential and prestigious Austrian wine magazine, has rated our wines at the Umbria Trophy tasting. Orvieto Classico Superiore 2020 
Falstaff, the most influential and prestigious Austrian wine magazine, has rated our wines at the Umbria Trophy tasting. Viognier 2019 
In addition to our wine selection, we take immense pride in producing an exquisite olive oil, which we lovingly refer to as our "green gold." As stewards of our land and with great care for the olive trees that grace our estate, we cultivate these precious fruits, knowing that they hold the potential to produce a truly remarkable and unique olive oil.   With the season of harvest...
As the summer sun bathes the vineyard in its warm glow, an exciting transformation takes place - the grapes are changing color, marking the onset of veraison. For wine enthusiasts and vineyard caretakers alike, veraison is a crucial and captivating stage in the grape's lifecycle, as it signals the beginning of the ripening process and sets the stage for the creation of exceptional...
We are thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you! Our family is expanding, as we eagerly await the arrival of our second baby girl who will join us on our wine making adventure. This brings us immense happiness, and as a way to celebrate and share this joy with you, we will be creating a special new wine in honor of our newest addition. So, stay tuned to discover the...
Come visit us at our winery. Your visit begins with a pleasant walk through our vineyard, where we craft the exceptional quality of each of our wines. During the walk, we will explain our methods of working with the vines. Then we take you through a tour of the wine cellar, where you can gain an insight into how we transform grapes into wine. Finally yet importantly, we show you our...
Our wine is aged in French Oak barriques from Tonnellerie Berthomieu, Ermitage line, which is the Haut Couture line of the French oak barriques. But why is wood so important for the wine? There are two main reasons. The first reason is that wood is a porous material. Unlike steel, therefore, it allows a slow and gradual gas exchange with the outside. It is precisely this passage of...
The vintner never rests! Just because harvest is over doesn’t mean that there is no work to be done in the vineyard. Winter is an equally important time for us as we use winter dormancy to prepare for the next growing season. Winter pruning is one of the most crucial aspects of vine management. Branches from the previous year are cut back and new branches are selected from which...
Falstaff, the most influential and prestigious Austrian wine magazine, has rated our wines at the Umbria Trophy tasting. Sugano 2019 
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