Orvieto DOC Classico Superiore

Our interpretation
of history and tradition


Our Orvieto Classico Superiore wine is produced from the autochthonous grape varieties, dominated by Grechetto and Procanico (Trebbiano Toscano). The vines grow on the volcanic origin terrain in the traditional “Classico” area.


Orvieto is one of the most famous Italian white wines, the winemaking tradition of this area is deeply rooted in history - dating back to the Etruscans, and in later times Orvieto wine was praised by poets, artists and famous men.

In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was one of the favourite wines of the Pontifical Court - Pope Paul III was especially fond of it and Gregory XVI asked for his body to be washed in Orvieto wine before burial.


The artists Pinturicchio and Luca Signorelli demanded that part of their pay for painting the interior of the cathedral of Orvieto be made in wine. Pinturicchio, so the story goes, was dismissed after a year for using "too much blue, too much gold and too much wine", while Signorelli, whose contract with Pope Urban IV stipulated that he be given as much Orvieto wine as he wanted (che gli si desse di quel vino orvietano quanto ne volesse), finished his commission.

In less distant times, Garibaldi and his Thousand toasts with Orvieto before leaving the port of Talamone for their Sicilian adventure and D'Annunzio defined Orvieto wine as "Italian sun in a bottle”.


It is a fresh and fruity wine with an elegant minerality and a well-integrated acidity. It is perfect as an aperitif, with appetizers, fish and seafood but it also goes well with white meat and vegetable dishes.

For more detailed information please download the technical information sheet in PDF.


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